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I find it hard to believe that DeGeneres's sexuality plays into the fact that she finds the Bic pens absurd. Although I agree that many marketing schemes seem to pander to an audience of 90's-era Barbie dolls (Caucasian, slender, pink-philic, and heterosexual), I think it is dangerously essentializing to say that because Ellen DeGeneres is lesbian she is inherently "the very opposite" of such marketing philosophies. If not all straight women have to like "girly" and pink things, not all lesbian woman have to hate "girly" and pink things. (Just look at the color of Portia DiRossi's wedding dress at her marriage to none other than Ellen DeGeneres.) Isn't this recognition and acceptance of women's choices and preferences one of the pillars of feminism?

Katherine D. Harris

Hi Thea, thanks for the comment. But I fear that the sentence you point out is an editing mistake on my part rather than the site of egregious politicizing of Ellen's sexuality.

With that being said, if you take a look at the video itself that Ellen made, she indeed plays the complacent heterosexual mother reminiscent of a character from a male-dominated patriarchal 1950s where ideal femininity meant passive and not intellectual. Admittedly, this play-acting *is* the antithesis of everything that Ellen stands for as a gay rights activist. The satire is double, even tripled, in the video.

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