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Interesting article, Professor McCoy. After reading it a few times, I'm thinking now about reading and "the cross-stitching of time" (Though I only know the phrase through your use of it here, not through familiarity with the work of Wai-Chee Dimock) in terms of political movement(s). I wonder if the movement from observation to assertion in interpreting meanings of texts (defined broadly, as the context of reading FEMA symbols dictates) in any way parallels a way of thinking about the movement from street-level (or some other phrase. "Street" seems anachronistic in this age of social networking and digital spaces) organizing to visible declarations of demands.

Also, the question about the Keats poem -- "interrogating why a Keats poem yields to interpretation so quickly in the first place (hint: it doesn't, really)" -- is another nugget to chew over, as well. I'm immediately interested by the word "yields." Not sure why yet, but I think that word is central to your question. I need more time to sit on that for now, though.

Thank you for the post! Much to think about!

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