April 15, 2009

Everyday Sociology Talk: What happens at sociology conferences?

Karen Sternheimer and Sally Raskoff discuss what sociology conferences are like. Conferences provide great opportunities for students interested in sociology to learn more about the field and the profession. For more information, check out the regional, national, and international organizations' websites for upcoming conference dates and locations:

American Sociological Association


Eastern Sociological Society

Mid-South Sociological Association

Midwest Sociological Society

New England Sociological Association

North Central Sociological Association

Pacific Sociological Association

Southern Sociological Society

Southwestern Social Science Association


Canadian Sociological Association

International Sociology Association


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I'd like to know if someone could provide some resources to learn about how the area of study known as "community psychology" is different from sociology--many thanks.

This short video is great for graduate students considering their first conference. I sent my advisor a link. I'll be attending my first Adult Education Research conference in Chicago at the end of this month. You've got me excited about it.

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