March 25, 2008

Everyday Sociology Talk: Why Do Some Polilitical Wives "Stand By Their Man"?

Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and others in politics have recently been part of very public sex scandals. What are the sociological implications of these stories? And what can we learn about relationships, gender, sexuality, and power from these political scandals?

Here are some of our ideas...tell us about yours!



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I'm be honest up-front: I did not watch the vlog clip because I'm waiting on class to begin and I forgot my earphones, however, I want to make a general comment that a lot of media pundits seem to be forgetting when discussing the recent Sptizer case.

We have know idea what type of history Eliot Spitzer and his wife have. Maybe she was going through some problems in the past and Spitzer stuck by her. Now, she's returning the favor. We are all people and we all deserve a chance to correct ourselves, even if it involves help and patience from our loved ones.

This issue is obviously about sexuality. One aspect of this discussion that wasn't mentioned in the video blog is why our society is infatuated with the sexual exploits of politicians in the first place, and why they are perceived as connected to the politician's job and function.

Religion, integrity, morality, and trust immediately come to mind as possible explanations. We appear to have different standards for politicians where private actions and public functions are merged.

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